Hemp Seed Oil


Sahara Naturals® carries the best and highest quality 100% Pure & Natural Hemp Seed Oil.

Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D & E. Hemp seed is packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. It is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and omega 3, hemp seed oil can be used to counteract aging skin.

HEALTHY SKIN: Hemp seed oil is a natural antioxidant that doesn't stick to your skin as many oils tend to do. Hemp seed oil will moisturize your skin and keep it healthy - and it does this without clogging your pores. Potassium and calcium are also found in hemp seed oil, making it even healthier for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties. And also acts as a natural sunblock. Use to clean, even out, and detoxify skin. Helps remedy skin blotches and lesions caused by dry skin. Hemp seed oil also aids in relieving symptoms of Psoriasis and Eczema.

HEALTHY HAIR: Hemp seed oil is not the typical product that is put on your hair. Hemp, in its industrial-grade state, is drug-free and non-hallucinogenic; lest you worry that it's harmful since it comes from the Cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil has been subjected to heat which sterilizes it and prevents germination.

Hemp seed oil, like Moroccan Argan Oil for hair, is a good source of many nutrients that can benefit the health of your hair. It is proven to be helpful for developing keratin formation. Hemp seed oil for hair helps develop stronger and healthier hair. People who use hemp seed oil products have reported that after they begin to use hemp seed oil, they have seen smoother, thicker hair, stronger nails, and softer skin.

Apply to skin, hair, scalp, and nails to moisturize, soften and protect. For best results, use within 6 months of opening.

Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil

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